Sunday, August 15, 2010

History of the Respective BJJ Gyms

Taken from Sherdog Forums
Written by Donkey Kong

Gracie Humaita - Founded by Helio, Rolker and Royler. One of two gyms accredited by Helio, the other being the Gracie Academy in Torrance. Has never had a split, and trained great names such as Alexandre and Saulo Ribeiro, and Vinicius Magalhaes.

Gracie Barra- (Split from, Academia Gracie) Founded and run by Carlos Gracie Jr., in the US it is run by Marcio Feitosa. It wasn't a split so much as Carlos's desire to invest in another area. Rolls and Carlson used to train in alternating days at the Gracie Academy. Their students had something of a rivalry. After Rolls died, Carlos decided to open a Gracie gym in Barra da Tijuca and Carlson also split into his own team.

Carlson Gracie - (split from Academia Gracie) - Carlson opened his own gym in search of money. He did classes to many people, instead of privates, and charged little money. He did this for independence and money, he needed also to support a gambling problem that would last until the end of his life. Formed some of the toughest guys in JJ history.

Nova Uniao - Started out small, with Dede and Wendell (still at brown belt) teaching in smaller gyms in the suburbs of Rio, without great expectations. Consistently stronger with time, started to have a presence in championships until they became one of the biggest teams in Brazil. The great problem with Nova Uniao wasn't a split from another team, but from CBJJ, in the confederation split.

CBJJO, or the Brazilian Confederation of Olympic Jiu Jitsu, was basically a new CBJJ that intended to organize tournaments with money prizes for the fighters. A great idea, in principle, that was opposed by Carlos Gracie Jr. and his CBJJ, creating an immense divide in the Jiu Jitsu community. For reference: CBJJ organizes the Mundials, CBJJO organized the World Cup.

Nova Uniao went to CBJJO and it would be years before they went back to CBJJ competitions.

Alliance - Founded by Rolls Gracie black belt Romero Jacare, led by "The General", Fabio Gurgel. One of the first attempts at independence, and definitely the most successful. It is the base from which most of Brazil's best teams split from. It has taken many blows over the last few years from athletes quitting. Had a great team, including Telles, Terere, Demian, Comprido, Leozinho, etc.

Brasa-(split from Alliance) formed by Leozinho and Ricardinho, also including Muzio, Felipe Costa, Comprido, Drysdale, and Andre Galvao. Split from Alliance because they wanted to compete in the CBJJO competitions. Eventually split into new teams, with Drysdale going to the US and founding Drysdale JJ, and other athletes splitting which we will see further ahead.

TT Jiu-Jitsu -(Split from Alliance) Formed by Eduardo Telles and Terere, did not last long because Terere quickly sank into a crack habit ( he is almost dead these days, and his family was asking for money to pay for rehab, from where he always escapes). Telles then went ahead and founded...

Nine Nine ( or 99) -( Split from TT Jiu Jitsu) Meant to signify that it is almost perfect (100%). Very new team, has not produced any great champions but Telles is putting a lot of work into it.

Atos - ( split from Brasa) Formed by Ramon Lemos and Andre Galvao. They have in their team the Mendes brothers. With their charisma and a good organization, they managed to attract other good fighters in search of independence ( and the spotlight), including Guto Campos, Calazans, Durinho, Frazzato. Because of the level of guys that came already trained ,Atos is one of the strongest teams in Brazil now.

Check Mat- (Split from Brasa) Run by Leozinho and Ricardinho. Another new team that is making a name for themselves.

BTT ( Split from Carlson) - No big news here. Big fight between Ze Mario, Bustamante and Carlson. They split. Formed their team. Carlson was notoriously hard to deal with.

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